About Remi

Remi Umanah is a Nigerian born, Atlanta raised speaker, aspiring author, knowledge seeker, visionary, a woman of action and an ambassador for the gospel of Christ. The passion and the drive this woman has is remarkable. Her involvement in her community and church speaks volume. Remi is the Founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called Driven Vision.

She is not only a phenomenal woman but a sold out soul for Christ in all that she does. Remi strives to make a difference in the lives around her. This woman has been involved in building and restoring relationships, motivating the young and bringing a community together under the name of Christ. She is not only gifted but has been blessed and anointed with her voice to be an impact. Her goal is to help individuals embrace their Christianity and love for Christ while being an example in all she does. She brings hope to her peers by inspiring, strengthening and connecting with them.

Remi is also the founder of The Vision Circle, which is an online community that helps brings resources to young visionaries. Remi Currently lives In Houston Texas where she currently speaks at local events, helps with community projects and promotes the gospel as she is in process of launching her new business La'asot Chaim and online stationary store.