I want to go ahead and introduce The Vision Circle which will consist of millennials, bloggers, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, young believers and just Visionistas (-A visionary doing everything to take their vision to the next level-) I want to create a social platform to be inspired, strengthened and connected with your faith and business. (The three platforms of Driven Vision) .

INSPIRE- Inspire individuals to live out their God-given purpose.
STRENGTHEN-Strengthen the weak with motivation and scriptures.
CONNECT- Connect anyone looking for a designer, logo, access to resources, classes, websites etc. and build a community of resources and be able to help.

Please fill out this form and at the end, you will be directed to our private FB group.

The Vision Circle will consist of

  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Prayer
  • Monthly Group Vision Calls
  • Resource LibrarytempImageForSave
  • Weekly Blog Post
  • Monthly Action Worksheets/Challenges


The Vision Circle- VISIONISTA

-A person doing everything to take their vision to the next level- The Kingdom of God is not about one individual, but rather a collective of hearts united to bring Him glory. My heart is full of anticipation of what God has commissioned us to do. As I build my ministry, I am building my team. I am looking for hardworking, devoted, focus individuals who is ready to take Driven Vision to the next level by becoming a VISIONISTA. When you become a visionista you are officially part of the Driven Vision Ministry andThe Vision Circle.
  • **It can be a hobby or a business, what is your vision in life?**